We use high-tech 3D modelling and printing techniques to create highly specialised moulds fostered by your imagination. Patisseries, chocolatiers, bakeries and master chefs use these to add their own ingredients while companies and organisations use our full service to realise high quality, custom chocolates for their clients and employees.

We have amazed, inspired and excited over 500 clients



We combine 3D technology with our design expertise and master chocolatier techniques to give unprecedented detail and accuracy. Unique designs fired by your imagination or company logos and images are finely constructed into unique moulds for your own use or a collection of high quality chocolates supporting product launches, events or thanking employees.

High Quality Chocolate

While master chefs and chocolatiers take our moulds for use with their own recipes companies and organisations take full collections of our high quality chocolate based on their unique designs. We offer dark, milk and white chocolate without any artificial flavours or sweeteners. Using our master chocolatier’s recipe our delicious chocolate is 100% natural and GMO free.

FAST and SAFE delivery

Once we have agreed the design with you typically via video call or email we can manufacture a thousand pieces within 3 business days and we organise secure and safe handling and delivery,