Who we are

Our company

Chocolate3D is an easy3D project. Easy3D is a bulgarian company specialising in 3D printing and modeling. This started 3 years ago as a fun project after reading an article about 3D printers for chocolate. We bought one printer and started experimenting. Some of our first steps were not very successful, some were quite interesting. We were using it predominantly for fun. We teamed with some of Bulgaria most famous chocolatiers to use their expertise about chocolate.

We were amazed that people actually got quite excited about chocolate and this quickly turned as one of our main activities. Both chocolatiers and enterprises saw this as way to differentiate. Chocolatiers use this as a quick and cost effective way to create new shapes. Enterprises usually print their logo in chocolate and give it at events or to their employees.

We at Easy3D Ltd offer a wide range of services that cover the entire process of creating an object. By developing our technology, skills and talent, we strive to introduce our customers to the processes that will predetermine technological development in the 21st century. Our goal is to take care of the technology of additive manufacturing of an object from the idea to the moment when you can take it in your hands.

At easy3D, we help our customers navigate the many possibilities of 3D technology and gain a competitive advantage by encouraging innovation and introducing them to different manufacturing methods related to new production methods and a new approach to analysis and design.

Our team consists of curious, talented and innovative experts who daily expand the boundaries of their knowledge. Each project is unique and valuable for us and we work hard for its success. Whether dealing with a large and complex project or creating a personal message on a gift, our designers and engineers use the latest and most appropriate technologies and software, taking into account the needs and desires of customers.

We also know the FORM of CHOCOLATE.

We blend the traditional master chocolatiers techniques with the efficiency, detail and accuracy provided by cutting edge 3D PRINTING technologies.
This way we create very tasty branded gifts that can convey any message.

We give you the opportunity to create the perfect gift – to enter your LOGO, symbol, mascot, SIGN, COMPLIMENT, message or INVITATION in irresistible chocolate. This will combine the visual effect with a memorable taste. By shaping the very BEST CHOCOLATE according a personalized 3D MODEL you can impress your clients like never before.
Your message can be temptingly delicious!
100% personalized and made especially for you. Delightful, inspiring and a lot of fun!

Our Team

Lubomir Cheytanov, Founder

Lubo is the founder of  easy3D which focuses on delivering design and value added services for 3D printing and Chocolate3D which brings innovation to 3D chocolate designs. He is on the advisory board of E2E, the London based entrepreneur to entrepreneur exchange. Prior to this he held several executive positions in IBM including setting up the IBM business in much of Eastern Europe and rebuilding the Mid-market business in the UK.

Lubo is a big fan of golf and in his free time he constantly strives for green fields. There he came up with an idea that Easy3D has successfully implemented in recent years – 3D printed sprinkler caps with marked real distances to the target.

Detelin Stefanov, CEO

Experienced Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the 3D industry.

He is in Easy3D from the very beginning in 2014 as CEO because he believes that 3D printing is the future of industrial technology.

Detelin has been a passionate fan of Pokémon GO for years, and as you can see in the photo, his colleagues surprised him on one of his birthdays with his favorite Pokémon made entirely of chocolate.


We are regular customers of chocolate3d using their design and excellent quality chocolate for events and to thank clients and employees at Christmas. It takes less than 14 days from the moment we have an idea for a new design until we get the chocolates in Paris. I highly recommend them.

Thomas Meunier, Managing Director, D.FI

We have used chocolate3d many times over the past 2-3 years with large orders for marketing events. The design work is excellent and the chocolate tastes good. Each was individually wrapped with a business card inside making it easy to hand to attendees.

Jerry Crossfield, COO, L3C

I explained what I wanted in principle and the designers turned around a prototype in days. Both the quality of design and the chocolate itself is exceptional. I used these as small gifts to thank staff for demonstrating good behaviours. They are highly popular.

Stephen O’Donnell, CIO, Gallagher

I always enjoy working with easy3D. The amazing designers model my ideas in a super short time, after which I get my personalized molds again in an extremely short time. The quality is amazing, these people really know the shape of the chocolate.

Stanimira Georgieva , Master chocolatier


We have been working on various projects with easy3D for almost 3 years. What impresses me the most is the extremely short time of project realisation. From the idea to the first chocolate bars on the counter – it takes maksimum a week. The molds I receive are tailored to the specifics of chocolate and are extremely easy and precise to work with.

Chef Radi Stambolov


Our cooperation with easy3D has lasted for more than 2 years. At first I was skeptical of the end result, I did not believe that a company specializing in 3D technology would be able to cope with the challenges of chocolate production. It turned out that I was wrong – the quality of the molds they deliver is excellent and my employees are very happy to work with them on special custom orders

Hristo Stoev, Manager, Milmex Ltd


I would highly recommend Easy 3D, they are extremely helpful, very knowledge and stay with you right the way through the process. The attention to detail is second to none, and they extremely talented at what they do. I got them to make 2 chocolate moulds for a project I was working on, Not only were they very helpful but they sent through 3D mock ups so I could see how my design looked and check whether I was happy. I can’t thank the guys enough they are awesome, and I will not hesitate to use them in the future.

Joe Hurst