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FDA approved materials
High transparency
Possible sterilization
On a single mould you can have one or multiple cavities. The cavities could be the same or could be different. We can produce moulds for manual filling or machine filling. You can have as many cavities as you wish as long as they fit in the single mould size. To discuss price and specification, please contact us.

Our special offer

Your personalized chocolate mould!

From our more than 500 hundred projects  we can see that in series less than 1000 bars  the best choice for the masters is a mould with this size and specifications.
FDA approved PETG*
Mould dimensions: 200 mm x 175 mm
Features: As many identical cavities as can fit in this dimensions
Scope: Manual filling
If you would like machine moulded chocolate forms, please contact us

*PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol)  is a thermoplastic, environmentally friendly copolyester.  Safe for usage in contact with food products and 100% recyclable.

And all this at very attractive price!


We offer a single mould for £ 199,

five for £ 300,

and ten for £ 400.

And for limited time only the modelling, which is approx. £ 150 is free of charge!

Please contact us for different sizing, industrial moulds or different quantities


You provide us with artwork or 2D logo by email. We analyze your graphics and begin the design process.

We create a digital 3D bar shape and email it to you. This allows you to view your bar in 3D space from all angles and also provides you with the physical size and volume.

2-3 days

We produce your custom plastic polycarbonate FDA approved PETG moulds.

2-3 days

Ship them directly to you. You can now enjoy your precision moulds.

5-7 days

1 day possible for extra payment

From idea to product in less than 7 days


A chance to boost your sales with bespoke chocolates for every occasion


Festive chocolate designs (also available branded); hearts for Valentine’s day, Easter Bunnies, Santa Claus- the list of holidays and opportunities for customisable chocolate goes on.

We can create and produce uniquely, quickly and efficiently from 5 to 100 moulds.

Personal Holidays

Messages and forms appropriate for any personal occasion.

Big Sporting Events

Some sport events are unpredictable in advance, but we can prepare special personalization within two weeks.

In the case of important finals, we produce models for both teams, enabling us to rapidly produce chocolate moulds dedicated to the winning team.

Corporate Events

Provide the opportunity for your customers/clients to present their corporate identity in a unique way.

Take advantage of ability to implement a design for the perfect gift based on your idea, and produce the amount of moulds you need.

Unique to order

For the special moments in the life of your clients.

Share your idea for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries and we will realize it, creating boutique moulds for you – from 1 to as many as you want.

You don’t have to stop with the moulds

We can produce the chocolate for you with special packaging

Opportunity to have small batches (1 to 10 000 pcs.) of personalized chocolates to celebrate special occasions, Holidays, big events etc.

or go to our customised chocolate page



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